Freerock GNOME / GNOME.SlackBuild

A complete and non-intrusive GNOME Distribution
for the Slackware Linux Operating System

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Developers - Joining the project

Information for people wanting to work on the GSB source. Patches, comments, suggestions welcome.

Getting the code from Subversion:

$ svn co gsb
$ svn co gsb-2.10.x

trunk holds the latest sources (may or may not be stable). GNOME stable (even numbered) version branches are always stable.

You can also browse the SVN source tree via a web browser:


Information about using subversion can be found in the Subversion Book.

What you can do to help



In Order of Importance

    • - add md5 and gpg checking of src tarballs
    • clean up repeatative areas of
    • Fill up
  2. GSB Website
  3. Figure out what to do with faac/faad and mpeg4ip. They seem to be redundant and might overlap with each other on libs. Faad does provide an xmms plugin for mp4/aac. mpeg4ip is needed by gtkpod.
  4. Installer:
    • I really don't want to deal with it, so if someone wants to help out with this, please speak up.
    • malloc, of slapt-get fame, has donated a slapt-get installer based on the dropline installer. I haven't tested this yet or even looked at it. It is available in the SVN repo
    • malloc has also started a GTK2 based graphical installer, its currently in development
    • Installer should be able to check for updates for a release, and install it for the user.
  5. Slapt-get compliance with slack-required files. Its partially done. Files are there for each package, they just need to be populated
  6. add update-mime-database and update-desktop-database to scripts that need them. See drivel's file for an example of how to implement this.
  7. Scrollkeeper taking too long to update from scripts. Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. add .desktop entries to any packages that do not have them
  9. update some slackbuilds
    • NetworkManager - does not build with startup-notification-0.8, maybe try cvs build
  10. fix up slack-desc files, some of them have very sparse descriptions