Freerock GNOME / GNOME.SlackBuild

A complete and non-intrusive GNOME Distribution
for the Slackware Linux Operating System

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The simplest way to install FRG is to follow the instructions in the installation section.

Latest Freerock GNOME (FRG) version: 2.12.1

Latest GNOME.SlackBuild (GSB) version: 0.1.92

Note that all listed FRG packages/download sources are for x86 architectures. For FRG packages built for other architectures, see the Ports section.

Download FRG via Mirrors:

These mirrors are known to work with both slapt-get/GSlapt and SWareT.

(Side note: the GSB/FRG developers recommend using our net-installer facility, or slapt-get/GSlapt for the installation/upgrade of FRG.)

Download FRG via SourceForge:

Releases are available in the Files Section of the Sourceforge Project Page. Source tarballs and isos available for download.