Freerock GNOME / GNOME.SlackBuild

A complete and non-intrusive GNOME Distribution
for the Slackware Linux Operating System

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GNOME.SlackBuild / Freerock GNOME FAQs

"I tried to install FRG '-current' via slapt-get/net-install, and it fails, saying that I have 'unmet dependencies.' Why?"

Note that the "-current" branch is under constant development, and may have bugs. If you encounter any, it would be appreciated if you reported them using the facilities mentioned in the support section.

"How do I uninstall FRG?"

Please note that when uninstalling, you will have to reinstall some packages from the "l" disk set on your Slackware CD-ROM. Please refer to replaced_slack_packs.txt for more information.

slapt-get method:

$ slapt-get --search 'frg$'|awk '{print $1}'| \
    xargs -r slapt-get --remove -y

manual method:

$ cd /var/log/packages
$ ls -1| grep frg$| xargs -n 1 removepkg
"How can I install FRG using slapt-get?"

First, make certain you have the FRG package respository in your /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc;

  1. SOURCE=<full-path-to-the-mirror-of-your-choice>/frg-<version>

    See the Download section for a list of avaliable mirrors.

    (don't forget to run `slapt-get --update` after adding new respositories!)

  2. Then run the following command;
    $ slapt-get --install frgnome
"After installing FRB, my keyboard does not repeat keys any longer. How is that fixed?"

From GNOME Menu Bar, choose "Desktop -> Preferences -> Keyboard", then check the "Repeat Keys" box.

"My KDE Menus are all messed up after installing FRG/GSB! How do I fix them?"

The KDE menus might be changed if you install FRG because of the gnome-menus package, The gnome-menus package implements the desktop menu specification. There is a simple fix for this. Just add the following near the top of the startkde script:

$ export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/opt/kde/etc/xdg

If the improper menus persist, run kbuildsycoca from Konsole after you have logged into KDE. Thanks to Jim Philips and Locustfurnace for pointing it out.

"My Mime Types/File Associations are all screwed up after I installed FRG. What do I do to fix that?"

Run the following commands as root:

$ /usr/bin/update-mime-database /usr/share/mime
$ /usr/bin/update-desktop-database
"Is GSB/FRG 1337?"

You betcha!

"Does GSB/FRG require the Linux 2.6 kernel?"

No. GSB/FRG does not require the 2.6 kernel. However, to take advantage of GNOME Volume Manager, the 2.6 kernel is needed.

"I use MSIE, and this site looks plain. But my buddy uses Firefox/Opera/Safari/etc., and the site looks great! What gives?"

Because MSIE has very limited support for PNG and W3C standards/specifications, CSS is ignored when using MSIE. However, users of MSIE will find this site very readable and navigable due to how nicely the site degrades, thanks to the implementation of said standards/specifications, and the fact that no proprietary markup was used in the creation of the site. MSIE users: Don't complain. Get a real browser and enjoy the web for what it was meant to be...not what a single, monopolistic corporation (read: Microsoft) thinks it should be.