Freerock GNOME / GNOME.SlackBuild

A complete and non-intrusive GNOME Distribution
for the Slackware Linux Operating System

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Installation Instructions

FRG can be installed a number of ways:

Easy, one-step installation

If you want to install FRG the easiest and quickest way possible, you can run our simple net-installer directly from your console (as root). This method will also download and install any missing Slackware dependencies from an official Slackware mirror.

To install the latest, stable version of FRG (2.12.1 for Slackware 10.2, which consists of GNOME 2.12.1):
$ lynx --source | sh
To install the latest, bleeding-edge version of FRG ("-current") for Slackware 10.2, which consists of GNOME 2.12.2:
$ lynx --source | sh

Installation via `slapt-get`

  1. First, make certain you have the FRG package repository in your /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc (as well as a Slackware source);


    See the Download section for a list of available mirrors.

    (don't forget to run `slapt-get --update` after adding new repositories!)

  2. Then run the following command;
    $ slapt-get --upgrade
    $ slapt-get --install frgnome

Installation via ISO:

  1. Download the iso and md5 sum file: FRG ISO, then check the iso;
    $ md5sum -c file.iso.md5
  2. mount the iso;
    $ mkdir /mnt/iso
    $ mount -t iso9660 file.iso /mnt/iso -o loop
    $ cd /mnt/iso
  3. Then run either;
    • $ ./
    • $ ./
    or manually use;
    $ upgradepkg --install-new

LiveCD (Mutagenix)

The Mutagenix Slackware Linux LiveCDs ship with FRG pre-installed, enabling users to try FRG before they install it.