Freerock GNOME / GNOME.SlackBuild

A complete and non-intrusive GNOME Distribution
for the Slackware Linux Operating System

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About Freerock GNOME / GSB: GNOME.SlackBuild

GSB is comprised of two projects, GSB and FRG;

  1. FRG: Freerock GNOME - a complete GNOME distribution for Slackware Linux. Encompasses all needed packages for a complete, clean installation of GNOME for Slackware.

  2. GSB: GNOME.SlackBuild - a collection of scripts that build a GNOME release on Slackware Linux. These scripts are used to build FRG.

The goal of this project is to run one script: GSB.SlackBuild and have it output Slackware packages for a GNOME release.

FRG is a secondary project built on top of GSB.